Bossert Associates is your partner for first-class leadership development and executive coaching programs. We unveil the capacities of individuals and teams, and thus generate enormous value for the organizations as well as for the members of staff. We support you in times of change, design and escort processes of alteration.


Here at Bossert Associates, we combine years of first-hand business experience alongside professional qualifications and continued research to bring about new, forward thinking ideas for our clients. Our managing directors combine their work as coaches and trainers with the role of researcher. What we mean by that, is that we believe that working successfully in leadership development requires development of our own methods and concepts. These concepts are brought about both by continued practice of our craft but also spending the time to engage with new ideas in direct parallel. We strive to bring this combination of experience and ingenuity to every client interaction. We believe that you are engaging not only a team who draw experience from years of working directly with hundreds of senior business leaders but who also have a passion for striving ahead with a fresh approach.