A great win-win: the students of our coaching Academy are proud to support the players in these great organisations with their coaching. They want to practice and these fine organisations look for free coaching for their leaders and members.

Katja Bossert does support the Executive MBA program of the UnternehmerTUM in Munich since 2016 with 3 days Leadership development workshops for each MBA class with great success.




We are very proud of supporting the great social work of Yunus Social Business. We support the second line leaders of this great venture internationally with free coaching.





We are very proud of supporting the team leaders of JOBLINGE in their personal development with free coaching. These leaders are relentlessly working on addressing youth unemployment in Germany and we love to give our best help to self help.

We offer near-to-free Coaching to people who have been culturally or academically active their whole life and are no longer working and now able to ask themselves some key questions. We are honored to support them with this with the help of Marli Bossert Stiftung.