Dr. Götz Schmidt-Bossert is one of Bossert Associate’s managing directors and responsible for consulting skills and leadership organization topics. He develops and leads consulting skills programs for consultants, high potentials and senior executives in consulting, financial and industry companies. He is specially interested in the development of the traditional canon for modern methods such as agile management and creativity techniques. His leadership work also focuses on the implementation of leadership models which enable agile, dynamic corporate management.


Götz Schmidt-Bossert works with enthusiasm at the interface between analytics and creativity. As CTO for the Framepool AG and the EditFactory he developed innovative software solutions for the film industry. For the Boston Consulting Group in Munich and Shanghai he led projects in the fields of industry goods and energy as well as pro bono projects for museums and foundations.


He has completed double studies in physics and philosophy and holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. He worked also as a researcher at the Munich university institute for theoretical physics.


Götz lives with his family in Munich.