Dr. gregor rinn

Dr. Gregor Rinn is a coach and counsellor. He is educated in critical thinking and experienced in the design of self-directed learning processes. He focuses on the design and support of change processes as well as executive communication, referring to topics such as dealing with the complexity of decision-making, project management and problem solution. 


Prior to becoming a self-employed coach and consultant with a focus on guiding through change processes, Gregor led the internal communication at The Boston Consulting Group in Germany (development and restructuring of the employees communication). Earlier in his career he has worked in the strategic management and communication consulting at BCG, Oliver Wymann and Deekeling Arndt Advisors for more then seven years. 


Gregor Rinn has studied history and psychology and holds a Ph.D. from Berlin Humboldt University (Ph.D. thesis on the change of the national self-perception of the Germans, mirrored by the automobile). He is a certified communication and behavior trainer (artop-institute, Berlin Humboldt University) and has completed numerous further educations on systemic organization consulting (Simon, Weber § Friends), person-focused consulting as well as hypnotherapy.