katja bossert


Katja Bossert is the founder and Managing Director of Bossert Associates. She works worldwide as an executive coach and specialist in leadership development.


Katja’s professional passion is focused on executive team development for boards and on personal development of top executives and talents. Katja helps executive teams to realize their combined strength, to resolve deep lying conflicts and to create a common agenda. She supports senior executives in finding their personal vision and their way forward in their career. 


Katja is a recognized authority for developing female leaders and supporting them in fulfilling their career potential in large corporations. With her associates she also designs and implements corporate training programs for executives and high potentials. Furthermore, Katja has built up a renown school for executive coaching in Germany with an international faculty and license. 


Her experience is in great demand all over the world. Apart from Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Katja works since years for both the public and private sector in Doha, Dubai and Riyadh. 


Earlier in her career Katja was the European Head of Learning and Development for BCG and as such responsible for all program designs and training operations in Europe and the Middle East. Prior to this, she worked as a project leader at BCG with a focus on branding and consumer strategies.



Katja holds a diploma in business administration from Passau University, she is an internationally accredited Professional Coach (PCC by ICF), licensed executive coach (DCV) and an accredited practitioner for MBTI Step I and II, Firo B, DISC, Hogan and CPI.

"Dear Katja,

I would like to thank you again for the fantastic sessions with our class.

This was a great experience for me and I took away some very eye-opening personal insights. I love your way of explaining, your competence, energy and enthusiasm.”


Carola Epple, EMBA Alumna 2016