Our Philosophy

‘Leading Free People’

Allow freedom

Inspire freedom

Demand freedom

Enable freedom


As provider for coaching, training and change programs for enterprises we design customized approaches meeting your organization’s individual needs. Our professionally designed drafts for your projects take economical aspects into consideration and serve the company’s success. Not less then that they serve the people working for the company approaching their individual personalities.

Our coaches and facilitators both have completed comprehensive coaching educations and are experienced as strategic consultants and / or executives in international firms and start ups. They are thus able to support our clients both emphatically and competently. At the same time they easily differentiate between personal and business topics and relate their work as coaches and trainers to your company’s strategic requirements. We are open for various corporate cultures, yet we follow a clear value orientation. Respect for the individual we consider indispensable. This excludes manipulative measures, empty motivation shows or corporate wellness programs which aim just to hide the real problems.

As a group of experienced internationally working coaches and trainers we are able to deal exactly with your requirements. Our experience with companies of all sizes and a variety of industries allows us to design and implement leadership programs that fulfill your organization’s needs.