Bossert Eidenschink Academy (Coach training in german language)

If you want to become a professional coach or get trained in professional coaching skills as part of your business leaders skills, you might be interested in our year long coaching training. 


A faculty of 5 great coaches, business people, and trainers are helping you to develop exceptional skills that will clearly differentiate you from other coaches in the field.


We are giving you the right depth to feel at ease in any coaching situation you might face in the future and we are equipping you with all key skills for a modern and successful development work with top leaders.


Your main trainer will be Heika Eidenschink who has deep experience in coaching as well as psychotherapy. Her vast methodological know-how goes from CBT, positive psychology over Gestalt and transactional analysis, to Buddhist approaches. Yda Bouvier from London, former Boston Consulting Group senior, and scientist from MIT will teach you all you need to know about the brain for your coaching work.


As professional coach you will also need to be able to work with groups and facilitate learning and development  in an effective way. Dr. Götz Schmidt-Bossert, our Partner and very experienced trainer, will teach you how to facilitate groups for learning and development.


Last but not least, you will have the chance to work with Bossert Associates founder Katja Bossert to learn what coaches need to know about the coaching and training business. 16 years of buying and selling coaching and training services will educate her session on chances and risks in the business of coaching and training.

Please get in touch with us for a first discussion with our main trainer Heika