Many clients contact us not just in times of tough alterations such as mergers and downsizing, but also when the change of the corporate culture becomes inevitable. Usually market conditions make necessary, which is meant to preserve competitiveness.

Whoever has lived to see a bigger transformation in a company or who just wanted to change something in his own life, knows: the rational insight of the necessity of a change often fails due to inner barriers.

That's where we see our task to assist. Often, dogmas based on past experiences are opposed to alteration. Well-founded anxieties exist, and only slowly allow new experiences to take their place and to change the behavior.

We will help you to impel this process in your company. While doing so, you keep the responsibility, and we provide support for you through our competence in recognising connections systematically and of absorbing emotional uncertainty.


We support you in the defining of your way based on strategic considerations.