International Executive Coach training - Coaching skills for leaders

 A world class education to become an executive coach!

  • Designed and facilitated by top international executive coaches
  • The coaching skills are applicable in leadership roles at major firms, but also outside of the organization context as a professional executive coach

Results you can expect from this education

  • Understand the core concepts and tools of executive coaching
  • Understand the underlying scientific theories on learning and development
  • Know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses much better and be able to use them in finding your professional coach-attitude
  • Understand and be able to leverage your strengths as a coach
  • Develop your personal coaching vision and style
  • Be able to create real positive impact for your coachees; help them realize insight and impact
  • Be able to provide support for change processes through individual coaching

Target group: senior leaders interested in becoming more effective coaches

  • Senior leaders interested in more effectively using coaching skills in their own professional context, and potentially long term becoming professional coaches

Content at a glance

  • A concentrated business coach training within 9 months with 3 workshops only and many virtual elements
  • The trainers are highly experienced and successful coaches 
  • Cooperation with TU Munich / Executive MBA: training and coaching of real clients together with experienced executive coaches to gain coaching and facilitation experience and contact with the real business
  • You will learn a variety of modern coaching and facilitation methods, based on the latest scientific research on coaching (coaching psychology)
  • The coach training has a clear orientation towards the work in a company
  • It has a high proportion of practical work
    • You will learn all the coaching tools in live-demonstrations. You will try them out and exercise them under the supervision of experienced coaches. You will also get coaching experience with external coachees.
  • Comprehensive coaching for the participants is part of the training
    • As a part of the program you will be repeatedly coached yourself; you will thus get supported to extend your own self-awareness and problem-solving ability.
    • This will furthermore be supported through an intensive exchange within the training group. The development of a reflection and learning atmosphere that is marked by great openness and respect is an essential strength of this training.
    • As a result, there will be feedback processes helping to clear “blind spots”, to advance the own development and to grow into the role of a coach. 


  • You will start the training with filling in an online questionnaire and having a pre program group call (a call of approx. 1 hour) with your main trainers.
  • The training days consist of 3 blocks. These will be delivered in four weekends of 4 days spread out over 9 months.
  • In between each training block you will have one virtual mentoring of 3 hours with your trainers and a virtual peer meeting of 2 hours. Like this you will learn to work virtually, an important asset for the executive coaching work today.
  • During the full length of the coach training you will have at least one coaching clients yourself. 
  • At the final 2 days of the last block of training you will have an exam process. You will coach ‘live’ a coachee with two observers present.
  • For an optimal result some hours of study each month is advised.   

Dates Autumn 2020 // Munich 

Sept 24-27 2020, Munich

Jan 27-31 2021, Munich

May 05-09 2021, Munich

Price: 12.800 EUR. Travel, board and hotel costs have to be carried by the participants


Registration link: InternationalExecutiveCoachingAcademy 2020-21


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 "I was happy to join the program, for me it's a great journey both as a coach and as a person. Very inspiring and empowering experience.”

"Great, consise, and clear program. Instant classics, New York Times Bestseller. :)"

"Highly professional school with outstanding trainers, going the extra mile because they personally fully believe what they are doing. In addition to the pure diploma, you get a personal journey with eye-opening experiences that are very valuable. Great process, great personal experience.”

Brochure international coaching academy 2020/ 2021
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Please find below a video from The International Coaching Federation. This illustrates that our Academies meet the ICF's rigorous standards. We are very proud to be accredited by the ICF.