Consulting Skills

Being finally able to discuss the company’s essential issues with your own managers, finding solutions and implementing them without always needing external advisors – that’s what our consulting skills programs are made for.

Our consulting skills programs consist of two elements:

  • structured problem solving
  • convincing presentations

You will learn how to design projects in a way that the essential issues are raised and solved with available resources.  You will focus your efforts on core issues and analyses that are able to find the crucial points. You carry these through in a clear, logical structure with a constant view of the objective.


The hereby found solutions are to be presented in a convincing way in order to be accepted by the company. It is less important whether this happens during a conversation or in a refined presentation. You will learn to adapt your display to your listeners so as to convince them.


The programs are aimed at experienced manager as well as at young high-potentials. We develop them with you matching for your industry, the members' seniority and the envisaged knowledge depth. All our programs are accompanied by e-learning and follow-up in working life.