Diversity Programs

Our diversity programs foster openness towards otherness, thus promoting a richness of approaches from within the company. Diversity promotes innovation.


Simultaneously attracting and keeping qualified employees is an important economic factor for companies currently, when facing a demographic bottleneck. The focus is on employee groups that had been minorities up to now.

For manifold customers, we foster the high-potential females on their way up in the company. The decision to pursue a career as a woman needs a special awareness of gender stereotypes, and the resulting behavior of the male colleagues and of the women themselves is of significance.

Much can be achieved through a clarity of one's own goal and through high communication skills. We work in small groups on what is really important for you, on where you are standing, and what must be your next steps in the direction of your goal. We practice communication that is not just fair to you, but also presents you and gives you the chance to be heard. Last but not least, we practice conversation with male counterparts to strengthen our negotiation skills.


Testimonial by a participant of a female leaders program at a DAX listed German company (festive speech): 


It is my honour to start with an introduction and testimonial. Katja, this is for you!

Within GLOW@CT+ Katja Bossert is doing the trainings on personal development and communication.

Katja is an executive coach focusing on team development of boards and personal development of top executives and talents. 

Before that she was European Head of Training and Development at the Boston Consulting Group

Dear Katja, 

when I thought about what to say this very moment I had it all laid out in my head – how professional yet emotionally sensitive your trainings were, what enormous knowledge you hold especially in the field of female leadership and which deep impression you left at each and every one of us GLOW+ participants.

 And of course some stories from our encounters (like how to flex your style in communication) and that we are looking forward to many more encounters with you to come

But then, out of curiosity, I had a look at my notes from our first training –  and that left me speechless for a moment. So I decided to focus on just that little yet for me very touching detail amongst the many inspiring impulses you gave us and give a very personal testimonial

What I read there, were my notes on a task you gave us that I had totally forgotten about. That task was to flirt with our future selves: We had to imagine three possibilities  of how our future life might evolve and talk to each other about it in a casual manner as if it were us in 10 years.

At one possibility I wrote „boring“, at one I wrote „quite ok but feels like hiding“ and at one I made a check mark and that one I am going to read out now: 

„founded a business (house on a vineyard in South France). Ecological impact, cleaned up oceans from plastics -> used plastics as raw material for 3D printing of design objects.

And the bottom line says „inspiring“

Now, that was last October and back then it was a mere promise of something uncertain and totally unrealistic.

But today, about one year later, I am living it. Since October I am taking part in an incubation program at the Social Entrepreneurship Academy here in Munich. I met a fabulous team of quite diverse personalities (although coincidentally all female) whose ambitions are at least as high as mine and together we are working on a sustainable business model in the context of how to re-balance our global water cycles while generating a social impact. Our goal is to take leadership within society by using economic rules. 

And I am convinced there is immense potential at Siemens to embrace those opportunities as well, especially with the great focus we are putting on new businesses and innovation right now. 

Katja, I am sure I am not the only one which you have given such incredible impulses 

And I have to add something: Many times we hear people saying „oh right, but those GLOW+ ladies, they also get one training after another. They are in training virtually the whole time...“ that is not the case. During the whole year of GLOW+ we had three days of training and thereof two with you. Only two days. But the impact you have generated is enormous – and that is what for me leadership is all about. 

Katja - thank you for being a true, inspiring leader – it´s our deep honor to have you as promoter of GLOW@CT+!