"A big thank you to Katja and her team for a wonderful workshop – a whole day of being coached and learning how to coach! I feel the whole EMBA class came out of it as better humans, even equipped with superpowers enabled by Katja."


Leading for ownership and free people 

is our motto. It is underlying in all our programs.


Our leadership skills offerings enable you to train specifically the expertise and proficiency you need and want to upgrade for your daily management routine. We offer training programs of high quality with different focal points for your leadership development. For example:

  • career-planning & development
  • leadership-role & principles
  • leading under stress and in difficult situations
  • development of your own leadership-personality and management-style.

Experienced experts will hold the training program that will be shaped individually for your executive team and your special needs. They will design the training to be practical and interactive, so that maximal transfer is possible.


Our Executive Coaching Programs may be used complementary for single training participants or for the whole group in order to work on individual topics and connect them with the training content.